iksha 360


The Chef

Rohit Ghai

Michelin Star Chef

Chef Rohit an exotic Michelin star Holder with years of dedication, passion and food indulgence joins the elite group of Fork & Knife in Qatar and the GCC, Fork and Knife operate a set of leading fine Dining facilities in some of the most prestigious locations in Qatar with an inspiring strategy to grow beyond the Region.

Chef Rohit will bring his experience and passion to Qatar through Fork & Knife, starting with the exquisite IKSHA 360 and the Grab & Go Jaldi Jaldi and moving to other new concepts. Visit us and experience the Chef Rohit Exotic Menu and special made Dishes for IKSHA 360 at the Pearl – Qatar

Chef Rohit was born into a Punjabi family in India and risen to be one of the most reserved chefs of the highest culinary pedigree, Rohit got his first inspiration for food from his mother, growing up, watching her prepare all of the family meals single-handed, watching her, observing her steps, learning from her secret ingredients and tips passed to her from his grandmother, from At that point, Rohit knew he will be a professional authentic chef and that his ambitions will take him beyond the borders of India.

Rohit started his journey by attending the institute of hotel management affiliated with Pusa University, specializing in Indian cuisine, he started his career at the Central Park in Gwalior and then Oberoi Hotels and resorts and then to Taj hotels and restaurants.

Chef Rohit has his own Restaurants ( Kutir and Koolcha), he is a regular guest on television and food shows, he featured on MasterChef and Channel 4 Tricks of the Restaurant Trade